Block Paving & Driveways Rotherham

Block Paving Rotherham Replace your old concrete driveway and path with modern block paving to help create extra parking space

Replacing a Front Lawn...
If your front lawn is becoming difficult to look after; consider replacing it with a raised planting area and matching block paving for a low maintenance solution

Wheelchair Access...
Remove awkward steps to your front door and add a gentle ramp for better access or wheelchair use

Garden Rooms

Utilise blockwork building materials such as stone,brick and timber to define and separate your garden into different areas to create a series of garden rooms that work together to make an enjoyable outside living area

Hard Standing

Use space to the side of your property to build an off road parking area complete with bin store and feature planting areas for pots of annuals or specimen plants

Garden Makeover Rotherham

Garden Walls, Columns and Brickwork

If you live in Rotherham and you're thinking about replacing your old concrete driveway using block paving then consider creating a new boundary wall with brick or stone columns, decorative wrought iron railings or treated timber fence panels - There'll be less work for you than maintaining a fast growing hedge

Landscape Gardening & Garden Design Rotherham

Sloping gardens can be levelled using raised, planted terraced walls or railway sleepers to create a paved walkway and narrow beds for plants
Garden maintenance should be easier with much less stooping and overstretching
A low terraced wall can act as a seat for pruning and planting or position the planted area at an optimal height for easy maintenance by wheelchair gardeners
Weed suppressant matting and gravel or bark chippings help complete a pleasing low maintenance garden design

Garden Decking Rotherham

Block paving works well with treated wood garden decking, hardwoods and the modern synthetic deck panels allowing you the freedom to use block paving for on soil areas and create visual contrast with a raised timber decking for patios and seating areas in your Rotherham home garden

Rotherham Paving

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Block Paving & Decking

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